Good morning. Hello. How are you? #644

Good morning. Hello. How are you today? Are you holding up okay? I am okay. I do feel it is one of those days where I need to say I am still sad about Mike, about Roe, about many things. I am going to write a not-sad entry here, like I did yesterday, but I don’t want you to get any ideas that this means that I am not sad about these things. Of course, there are things I am happy about as well. They do not balance out. They do not blend. They are not a soup or a stew. They are a salad where it has delicious cheese, but you also forgot to wash the broccoli so it has some sand in it which is kind of gross but the cucumbers are good and the lettuce is fresh boy this metaphor is going on a bit but I had a salad just like that a few weeks back and it seems to have stuck with me.

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