Lana Del Rey, DWAC, Walmart, Dune, Birdies Beds moving.
My outrage cup runneth over.
A litany of corporations being annoying in different ways along with a story about eggs. So, you know, the usual.
Just bought a copy of This Picture's first album on vinyl for $8 and feeling pretty good about it. Plus Apple, Facebook, tiny railroads, and Halloween …
Good news everyone Simon Gallup is back in the Cure.
AT&T Customer Service Reps. The plight of sailors. Bill Gross. Archenemy Hootenany 20th anniversary. High school poetry.
Music stuff, X-Files, friends visiting, and not a thing about cracking eggs or Nicholas Trist
I really need to stop oversleeping.
A Treatise on Trist.
We have run out of bagels
Peter Hook is having an auction today.
80's Levis commercials, eBay question, ISP misery, Egg cracking, Bamboo standardization, Boston 90's music scene, Pacemaker for the brain, Protecting t…