Greetings from Salem, Ma. I saw the Weinermobile.
Road trippin. Writing Substacks on your phone is hard.
Cheri Beasley for US Senate. Good riddance Madison Cawthorn. More Elon junk. Salem here we come.
Weird bird. Topic clean-out!
Mike Gill, gardening, writing vs bullet points, mass shootings and the fermi paradox, the verious styles of Semiglutide injection pens.
Dreams of subway car designs, voting, American supply chain woes, Buffy ripoffs, awesome new OFFICE BED, Dumb Texan laws redux, Elon retreats maybe…
At war with the Squirrels. How to write a when-I-die doc for your loved ones. What happened to the Boston Bike Couriers.
Good morning. Hello. How are you today? Are you holding up okay? I am okay. I do feel it is one of those days where I need to say I am still sad about…
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