Just a weekend around the house.
Do you need Cruel World tix or Taylor tix for Boston? Props to Robert Smith. Zoom hangups. Errands!
Cure tix, Tik Tok, Disney Plus musings, missing Zebulon and Selena
Cure ticket sadness, AI sadness, can't we just ban it or at least opt-out? Powell's gonna raise on us just you watch.
More Daddy Jane Dance Party, more SVB stuff, a Twitter argument with the guy who sings "Take the Skinheads Bowling" and RIP LGA Airtrain.
Weekend! Oscars! Pulling back from the brink of financial collapse! Starting seeds for the spring!
Yo La Tengo at Cat's Cradle, SVB implosion, fake booze update, missing a lost friend after twelve years, The Cure tour
Rock musings and domestic life. And a patent.
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Founder Things
Founder Things
Helena Price Hambrecht

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